Are you feeling tired, stressed, worn out or sick?  
Do you live with chronic pain?  
Are you tired of walking around in a medicated fog ?  
Are your medical professionals offering you only "band-aids" or quick fixes to your   health
Have you been told "it's all in your head"?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you may be ready to take your  
first step in the journey toward lasting health.  Back to Balance is the area's most
comprehensive resource for Alternative and Complementary healing modalities.  Our staff
of professional, licensed clinicians offer true patient centered care featuring; Chiropractic,
Acupuncture, Nutritional Counseling and Therapeutic Massage.   Learn how we can assist
you in overcoming your health challenges and achieving YOUR health goals.                         

Back to Balance is designed to
                                                            assist you on your journey
                                                            to vibrant health.
Each patient who seeks treatment at Back to Balance is unique and we strive to
treat our patients based on their individual health goals, needs and diagnoses.
Some of the conditions for which our patients have been successfully treated include:
~Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                ~Depression/Anxiety        ~Infertility             
~Migraine Headaches                       ~PMS                                ~PTSD
~Low Back Pain                               ~Insomnia                          ~GI disruptions
~Allergies                                        ~Arthritis

To learn more about the conditions commonly treated with Acupuncture please
here or visit the NIH link above.                       

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                Or visit us in person, we are conveniently located
                  North East of Pittsburgh in historic Freeport, Pa,
     Back to Balance offers Uptown service with hometown convenience.                         
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                     information, please contact us by phone at:
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